Law Notes

Scott’s motions:

Motion to Dismiss – Ohio1

Motion to Dismiss – Ohio2

Subject Matter Motion – Penna

Dean – Magistrate Letter   –> Scott Dean challenges jurisdiction for a traffic violation

Rebecca & Ray Crimone – Stopping Foreclosure in its tracks!

Rebecca and Ray got behind on their mortgage payments, three months to be exact. However, when they sent in their payments (including fees/late charges) on the forth month the mortgage company said that they preferred to proceed into foreclosure. But, as is so often the case these days, the mortgage company was VERY sloppy; they couldn’t produce the original “wet ink signature” note to prove that they even had a valid claim. Amazingly, the magistrate was leaning toward dismissing the Crimone’s preliminary objections, but they persisted and, after the original magistrate recused himself (something about a federal lawsuit may have had something to do with that), a court order was issued requiring the mortgage company to produce the original note within twenty days; the original note never materialized, so Rebecca and Ray went to the prothonetary and filed their judgement against the mortgage company – Congratulations!

Review the judgement here: FiledPraecipeforEntryofjudgment

Motion to Disqualify Attorney

Motion to Disqualify Attorney  – PA attorney doesn’t have proper oath on record

IRS Challenges

GenericExcuseForCauseMotion  – Excuse (for cause) jurors that receive public monies

GenericMotionInLimine  – Motion to bar non-business record hearsay evidence

Legal Canons & Definitions

Legal Canons & Definitions