Grand Jury Info

Mercer GJ filing  – First attempt by the People to file their paperwork with their elected Clerk of Courts (But refused, on the advice of the elected President Judge and escorted out by the elected Sheriff)

Papers then filed by Certified Mail on February 3, 2014

Kloos rejection letter (2-4-14)  – Filing again refused by the Clerk of Courts, citing that she was acting on the advice of the President Judge, Thomas Dobson. What is the definition of conspiracy?

Mercer GJ filing page (5-14-14)  – The People again presented their papers for filing with their Clerk of Courts demanding, with the backing of the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), that she comply with their demand; reluctantly she agreed, but stated that she would be sending the papers to the President Judge (despite his lack of standing to interfere with the People’s business) for his “approval” of the filing. Again, what is the definition of conspiracy?

Grand Jury_Stricken document – Judge Dobson subsequently overstepped his authority and issued an order sealing and strickening from the record the filing of the People.

Although Judge Dobson’s motives are assumed by the People to be free of malice and pure of heart, they respectfully disagree with his decision to interfere with their business and fully intend to seek  redress of grievances…stay tuned.